Our company

DERMA: leather, naturally.

Foto Azienda For over ten years, DERMA has signified quality and innovation to whoever works in the field of leather. It was founded as a Producing Company specialising exclusively in the field of laundering leather and fur garments, it owes a large part of its success to a few brilliant solutions, aimed at production by craftsmen.
In 1986 Derma launches a complete range of chemical products which will revolutionise the entire system of finishing leather articles. Amongst these one must mention the first “Nappatura” (Softening), an absolute novelty both for the Italian market and for the foreign markets.
At the same time, the TEA horizontal roller brushing machine was presented; this brushing machine was planned, designed and manufactured entirely by DERMA.
Foto InternoWithin a world of small and average-sized companies which required a large amount of specialised labour, undertaking long and repetitive manual work, TEA represented the first mechanised solution. This was the Italian solution to the requirements of a rapidly evolving market, which, on the basis of the needs dictated by fashion, was constantly researching the “new” while at the same time demanding maximum reduction of production costs.
Since then DERMA has come a long way, but a few of those intuitions are still present in the latest generations of products. DERMA research is always aimed at the realisation of more sophisticated products and technology, able to reduce working time while not sacrificing the quality of production. DERMA today proposes itself as a “natural” partner for whoever works with leather.
We are able to supply advanced technology, high quality chemical products, specialised machinery, a complete range of accessories and our experience, which place us at the forefront in Italy and abroad. Our organisation offers highly qualified staff able to perfectly insert our methodology into existing structures or to carry out projects by setting up new laboratories.