Leather Line  


Dyes for smooth leather in 14 basic colours with excellent covering capacity. The natural design of the leather remains evident and has a soft and natural touch. Bright and vivid tones. Mainly used with airbrush.

Highly concentrated colouring solutions in 17 basic shades. Mainly used with the RICONCIANTE R1 in the re-tanning phase to restore colour to suede, Nabuk and Pekari in a particularly bad condition. Mainly used in a water solution.

An extremely high-yielding dye used as a foundation when changing the colour of smooth grain leathers or when re-colouring black suede articles. It is a particularly intense and penetrating dye.


  • LX - Brightens the colours with a fixing capacity.
  • OX - Dulls the colours with a fixing capacity.
  • L - A product which produces great brightness for smooth leather.

    Powder dyes in 6 basic shades which can be mixed with colours for soft leathers, COLOR 2 and also FINISH LUX. They will restore the shine to gold, silver, bronze, etc.

    Highly concentrated polyvalent lacquers suitable to finish smooth and softened skins. These two new lacquers have all the characteristics of our new innovating range of Finishing products, i.e. high performance in a short application time. The SP version was studied to obtain a bright and particularly brilliant Finishing. It also creates a protective film: it brings out the original colour. The OP version completes the SP and has a dulling action. The FINISH LUX products are also excellent fixatives following dyeing.

    BASE NAP B1 - B2
    B1 - High concentration waterproofing agent. B2 - Average concentration waterproofing agent.

    A neutral water-based softener resin. High covering capacity. Leaves the garment soft and natural to the touch.

    Coloured softener resin based on transparent dyes in 13 basic colours. WATERPROOFING IS NOT NECESSARY.

    Bottiglia Nappatura 4 Neutral Leather softener resin with a high covering capacity, ideal for a rapid restoration, even for very worn parts. The COLOR version in 14 basic colours is of a covering type. NAPPATURA 4 also does not require WATERPROOFING, offering a considerable saving of time and product.
    Giacca Prima del trattamentoGiacca Dopo il trattamento

    Water soluble solution for re-tanning suede leathers by airbrush, tampon or in drum-tumbler. Refinisher for suede, split leathers, Pekari and Nabuk. The product confers a high brilliancy, enriches colours and leaves articles with a soft velour effect. Excellent if mixed with ANILINA H39 in restoring particularly faded garments.

    FINISH OIL 404
    Water soluble solution of high darkening power, suitable for re-tanning greased skins. Its high concentration assures perfect, quick, highly effective re-tanning.

  • Auxiliary Leather Line

    This new line of complementary products has been specially formulated to satisfy individual requirements. As a result of our constant research we can offer our clients the very latest solutions and new work methods with the aim of obtaining better quality results in relation to time and cost of treatment. These AUXILIARIES are indispensable in overcoming any new product application problem allowing the operator to achieve versatility and personal solutions.

    TOP H New
    A water-based solution to improve the feel of smooth grain and softened leathers. It eliminates stickiness leaving the article very soft.

    A solution to improve the feel of softened and smooth grain leathers, leaving them soft and silky. Quick and easy to use, rapid drying.

    Specific product to be added to Perchlorinethylene baths in washing softened buckskin, split leather or deerskin articles: Specifically effective for furs. INGRALUX lodges itself on the article surface making re-softening easier and improving the final result. It gives added brightness to furs and ironing is faster and smoother: it is easier to separate the fur and eliminate electrostatic effects.

    A water-based solution to increase viscosity of all water-based products and spreading quality of resins and water-based dyes: COLOR 2, NAPPATURA 1, RD 601 etc.

    RD 601 New
    A water-based solution which can be mixed with all our dyes: ANILINA H39, ANILINA NERO 26, COLOR 2, for quick and natural finishing of smooth grain leathers. It is odourless and quick to use. It is particularly suitable for aniline coloured softened leathers and for slight re-colouring. It does not alter softness.

    DILUENTE S 317  New
    Solution for increasing the penetration of the product. Compatible with all water-based solutions.

    DILUENTE S 318 New
    A diluent to reduce the concentration of FINISH. It has a penetrating effect and is also suitable for diluting ANILINA H39, NERO 26 without altering yield.

    DILUENTE S 321 New
    Special diluent to reduce the concentration of NAPPATURA 4 and FINISH LUX SP. In this way achieving a lighter and faster finishing.

    DILUENTE S 322 New
    A diluent to reduce the concentration of FINISH 7/8/10.

    FINISH 7
    Neutral finish for suedes. Revives the colours giving them a soft and delicate touch. Dries rapidly. Very shiny, gentle does not darken.

    FINISH 8
    Finish for suedes with an impregnating effect. It makes particularly dry items soft and full to the touch. Medium shine, very concentrated.

    FINISH 10
    Finish for suedes and has darkening power. It is particularly suitable for dark suede items which need final touching-up. Very concentrated. Very shiny finish.

    Finisher spray for light suede items with a neutral effect.

    Finisher spray with darkening effect. Excellent for finishing dark items and to uniform any lighter areas.

    Universal stain remover for any type of stain: it dries rapidly without leaving any marks.

    Neutral water-detergent for suede, soft leathers, bags, furniture etc. It does not influence colours and kid-leather. Use by hand only.

    Neutral water-detergent for fabrics. No rinsing required. It is excellent for whitening carpet fringes.

    INGRAPEL 260
    Re-greasing oil in a solvent solution, suitable both in cold Perchlorinethylene or hydrocarbons. It penetrates deeply and does not alter colours. Leather is maintained soft and full to the touch. Products do not leave oily traces and have a high gloss effect.

    INGRAPEL 645
    Re-greasing oil in Perchlorinethylene. It has good penetration and good darkening power.

    INGRAPEL 101 New
    Re-greasing oil in Perchlorinethylene. It has a new formula, particularly gentle with colours and has a good brightening power.

    Washing reinforcer used in solvent (chlorides and hydrocarbons) for skins, very powerful as a detergent. It does not spoil colours. To optimise the yield of the product, the use in combination with INGRAPEL is recommended.

    Texile Spicials

    Products for the upkeep of garments in waxed or oiled fabrics with non-permanent surface treatments.

    WAX 93 SPRAY New
    A waxy greasing spray for day to day treatment of waxed or oiled garments and shoes. It is quick to use and can also be employed for refinishing after washing in water.

    WAX 218 3-/4
    Solid wax to be warmed and melted before use for finishing waxed garments (such as Barbour) which have been washed in water or dry-cleaned. High darkening power and waterproofing capacity. Quick and easy to use in 5 Kg packets. Supplied in boxes containing 4 packets.